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VelaClock 2.0 app

by veladg on January 18th, 2011

Important Update – February 14, 2011

VelaClock 1.0 app
If you recently purchased VelaClock 1.0, thank you. A full description of this new app is on the new VelaClock web page.

VelaClock 2.0 app
If you are currently using VelaClock 2.0, please read this important blog post: VelaClock Update.
VelaClock 2.0 will be updated to VelaClock Classic v2.1 (original UI, free update). A new VelaClock v1.0 (new app, new UI) is now available. [Note: this blog post was originally intended for the VelaClock 2.0 update.]

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  1. R l boothe permalink

    Needs minutes of sunlight gained or lost put back in app

    • From the developer: Leaving out the change in minutes of daylight from the previous day was a regrettable omission. We’ll put it back in for the next update, within a week or two. For the next few days, we’ll be at Macworld in San Francisco! Thanks.

  2. MikeMc permalink

    I appreciate the update and the additional data provided by the app, but I really miss the information summary at the bottom of the city page that was removed.

    • We’re working on a solution. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. iTunesbrian permalink

    Please bring back minutes gained or lost each day. When you live up north, this kind if information helps one to get over cabin fever… by giving us hope!

  4. Martyn permalink

    Please bring back the classic view. It was much neater and easier to get key sunrise info on opening the app. Also he change in minutes of daylight was a great calculation now missing. Bring it back please!

  5. Walter permalink

    I don’t think I’m alone in primarily using this app to tell me how much daylight I have left so that I can plan my evening activities. The old version had a super easy readout of sunrise, sunset, and twilights. Not so much now. The old table view made the dawn and dusk times easy to parse. Left side dawn times and sunrise, right side dusk times and sunset. Please bring back the quick and easy table on the bottom with the simple daylight change indication. I’m finding it much harder to pick out the appropriate times when they’re all in a long list. Thanks for your great work!

    • We’re working diligently on a solution. We expect to have more news within a few days. Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Andy permalink

    I seem to not be able to stay at a future date. When I use the cal to move dates I can. But if I minimize that cal to see the screen better it reverts back to today. You had such a great app and v2, for me, ruined it.

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